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TI-83 utils

Casino Kid vDemo (2'01) Ion, YAS by Joel Seligstein; 3.7kB

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Nope, no fun casino game. Just some scrollable map of a casino.


Ion v1.6 (6'00) by Joe Wingbermuehle; 1.4kB

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Ion is a great shell for both the 83 and 83+, to run assembly programs. It's got a program format incompatible with the older AShell/SOS shells, but by now most programs have been ported to Ion, and most new games are also just for Ion. (The TI-86 can also run several Ion progs with the Ion86 emulator.) The standard Ion is rather dull, but because of the module support, you can add the features you want (password protection and maps for example.) One disadvantage is you'll have to install Ion first; a very easy procedure, but you'll have to keep it in mind if you want to copy the shell to another calculator. Besides that it's a great shell.