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7G v3.0 (11'99) Ion, Ion86 by Bob the Cat port Jason Kovacs; 2.1kB

Download (7kB) | Comments (1)

You're flying at high speed through a tunnel with mines. Quite a nice game, with five difficulties and five speeds. Better than R-Type anyways. hi


Alien Breed ][ v3.1 (9'00) Ion by James Vernon; 12.9kB

Download (82kB) | Comments (1)

Good old Alien Breed. Walk around the station and kill the enemies basically. Well-done: complete with storyline, terminals, external levels, etc. Scrolling would look better if it weren't per tile, but besides that it's perfect. hi pause


Alien Breed: Tower Assault v1.4 (6'01) Ion by James Vernon; 23.1kB

Download (85kB) | Comments (8)

OMFG! This game is sweeet! A great shooter like Alien Breed with all features like doors, all kinds of items, enemies (and bosses), four weapons, intex consoles (stores). When I reviewed the demo, I said it was too slow. This has been fixed though: this game now runs smooth and fast, with scrolling levels (20 of 'em even). Really amazing. Games usually take quite a while. You can continue using passwords, but not with a quick save. Also on the 83 it fills the entire memory. That's why it can't get a 100% score, but the game itself: perfection. hi pause


Amidar (5'01) Ion by Paul Robson; 3.3kB

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An old arcade a lot like Pacman. You move on a scrolling grid and have to eat all dots. Of course there's also some baddies, which you have to evade. You can also kick them a few times. Nice fast game. Just lacks a pause key. hi


Anti-Nibbles v1.0 (1'00) Ion by Brandon Engelberth; 0.9kB

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In this Nibbles game you have to avoid the pixels rather than eat them. A fresh idea and it's quite cool. There's four difficulties, however no extra score =( Also I don't like the sudden speed increase when all pixels are drawn. hi


Avalanch v1.2 (11'99) Ion, Ion86 by Harper Maddox port Ian Graf; 0.6kB

Download (4kB) | Comments (3)

A small game in which you have to evade the falling icicles. Not the game to play for hours, but nice to play in a few lost minutes to break your high. Ver' good for the just 566 bytes it takes. hi


Berzerk (3'00) Ion, zasm by Paul Robson; 4.1kB

Download (5kB) | Comments (1)

Walk from room to room killing all enemies inthere. Just mindlessly fire upon everything you see. There's also some smileyface which comes bouncing in after being in the same room for some time (and you can't kill him.) Luckily he can be turned off ;) Nice game to play when you're bored. It would be better if you could quit during the game (instead of first dieing 3 times..) Also hiscores ain't saved when running w/ zasmload, but hey we'll just use Ion. hi


Blackjack v1.0 (6'00) Ion by Harper Maddox; 2.0kB

Download (9kB) | Comments (1)

A good blackjack game. It's got all the necessary features (even win/loss counter and highest score!). The A is always worth 1, never 11. This could still be improved, but for the other part it's a good game. hi pause


Block Dude v1.2 (10'99) Ion, Ion86 by Brandon Sterner; 3.7kB

Download (7kB) | Comments (4)

Like I said in the 86-review, this is a good puzzle game, where your guy has to get to the exit using boxes. It starts off quite easily, but quickly gets harder and harder. It's a good game, except it drains your batteries. pause


Bolldin v1.0 (5'00) Ion, Ion86 by Andreas Finne; 2.1kB

Download (13kB) | Comments (1)

Control a guy that looks even worse than the Sqrxz-bug ;) he has to take all coins without getting hit by the arrows. Upto four arrows move in all directions, making it interesting to play. Controls could be improved (ie you can only move in 4 directions), and collision detection ain't perfect either. Still an OK game. hi


Bricks! v1.25 (5'00) Ion by Michiel Nugter; 6.9kB

Download (18kB) | Comments (1)

Slide puzzle with 15 levels. Nice patterns. You can practise one level, or do everything for a hiscore. No comments on the game; the menu controls are a bit confusing though (could be improved). hi pause


Bubble Bobble v0.630 (6'01) Ion by Dwedit; 11.4kB

Download (93kB) | Comments (3)

One big huzzah for Bubble Bobble! This great game has finally been written for ticalcs. Although still under construction, it's very playable. Over 40 levels, several enemies, pickups (food, letters, and some upgrades and special effects.) It's also got save-n-quit, just no hiscore... yet. Certainly worth a try, and hope it'll get even better. Btw, it won't work on a TI-86, but the 82-version will =) pause


Bytes v2.0 (8'99) Ion, Ion86 by Joe Wingbermuehle; 1.3kB + levels (0.5kB)

Download (8kB) | Comments (1)

A Nibbles-game with ten (external :) levels, three speeds (but just one high score) and decent graphics. Controls seem a bit irresponsive at times, and it hasn't got going-backwards detection. Still an ok game. hi pause


Cannon War v1.0 (11'99) Ion, Ion86 by Zoltrix; 0.7kB

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A small multiplayer-only game, where both players control a moving laser-firing cannon, and try to destroy the other. The controls are placed as good as they can be, and it should be fun if you can find an opponent. 2p


Casino Kid vDemo (2'01) Ion, YAS by Joel Seligstein; 3.7kB

Download (17kB) | Comments (1)

Nope, no fun casino game. Just some scrollable map of a casino.


Chicken Shoot v1.1 (2'00) Ion, Ion86 by Harper Maddox; 4.1kB

Download (11kB) | Comments (1)

Find and kill the chickens. The game's quite cool, but it's got some problems: you have to kill one chicken more each level. You also get more time to kill 'em and that's a bad thing, because once you know the level a bit, you'll always have enough time. You can't loose. Furthermore, after level 9 you restart in level 1 again. The only thing remaining is to get the highest scores possible for each level. This isn't really exciting, since it depends on luck mostly. Also time left ain't displayed correctly. hi


Chocobo Racing v1.21 (10'99) Ion, Ion86 by Gary Huyser; 0.9kB

Download (25kB) | Comments (1)

This game has the best controls ever: none! Just sit back and let the "chocobos" race each other. Ehm, I think you can play it with each other, betting on which one will win. Hehe; fun!


Columns v3.01 (8'01) Ion by Mel Tsai port Ahmed El-Helw; 4.0kB

Download (27kB) | Comments (1)

A good Columns game (for those who don't know the game: it's like Tetris - though IMO less strategic.) A good version, with five difficulties (each with its own hiscore), and a teacher key! It's very much like Kollums for the 86, but was ported from some TI-85 version. Anyways, go check it out ;) hi pause


Concentration v1.31 (1'00) Ion by Doug Torrance; 1.4kB

Download (7kB) | Comments (1)

Basic Memory, with decent graphics and controls. Also tracks number of tries and saves highest score. However the field is just 5x4, nothing more, too small for me; i lost interest very quickly. hi pause


Dodge Ball v1.0 (11'99) Ion, Ion86 by Zoltrix; 1.1kB

Download (2kB) | Comments (1)

Get your arrow passed the bouncing balls. It's basic but ok. A common play-again-to-break-hiscore game, though I can't imagine you wanna play this really a lot. hi pause


Donkey Kong v4.0 (7'00) Ion by Fred Lionetti; 8.6kB

Download (6kB) | Comments (3)

Donkey Kong basically. Plays okay i guess. Controls seem a little unrealistic to me. Graphics are playable, but not great (is that Mario?!?) And I do think it's too large (over 8kB) prolly because of the intro and titlescreen. Btw how do I beat level two? pause


FallDown v1.5 (11'99) Ion, Ion86 by Florent Dhordain and Ahmed El-Helw port Ian Graf; 0.7kB

Download (5kB) | Comments (2)

After playing Falldown Forever for the 86, this one looks really ugly! Still playable though. The two speeds seem a bit pointless since you get the same score for both. hi


The Fourth Element v1.1 (10'99) Ion, Ion86 by RMC port Ian Graf; 1.5kB

Download (7kB) | Comments (2)

This is plain connect-4, but besides human vs. human it also has some advanced AI, in three difficulty modes! Plain but perfect. pause 2p


Galaxian v1.0 (10'99) Ion by Patrick Davidson port Sam Heald; 4.5kB

Download (40kB) | Comments (3)

Another great TI-85 game ported to the 82 then 83. A plain shoot-em-up where you just mindlessly destroy any and all enemy suckers. It's fast and action. May get boring once you completed the game. hi pause


Glasscars v1.0 (4'00) Ion, zasm by Matt Roberts; 8.5kB + levels (2.9kB)

Download (10kB) | Comments (9)

One of the very few 3-D ticalc games. It's a racing game where you either try to beat the computer car or another player (via link). The graphics are simple, but really 3D (no sprites!) and playable. 2p