2009 news

Squarely Dutch 3.February.2009

In an effort to unify my various tlds, the primary location of this site will henceforth be at shiar.nl. Seems like a decent choice, as I'm sufficiently proud to be from the Netherlands. The other options are either debatable (.net: does hosting multiple sites make me a network provider?), misleading (.com to denote internationality?), or a complete stretch (.org for non-profit, but without the organization?).

To celebrate, I've redesigned my logo. While it's certainly much less shiny and 3-D, I think it's more suitable for me to have something written (custom SVG) than drawn (using some third-party font no less). And no, the resemblance to my written signature (which spells out MISCHA instead) is not accidental (just unfortunate my nick requires a diagonal line :/).

Anniversary 6.March.2009
To celebrate Wormy's release exactly 7 years ago (as well as my own 26 years ago) I've relicensed it under the GPL, and gathered its development history into a public Git repository. This contains every version from Peaworm 0.9 from 1998, to Wonderworm, to Worm starting 1999, upto the final Wormy in 2002. Also introduces a new level parser written in Perl, to convert all data into readable text.