September 2001 news

Tragic Day 3.September.2001

School has begun again :( And it's not very likely to stop any time soon. Sigh. Well, if all goes well, it should be my last year. (If not, Wormy will get delayed yet another year :P j/k..) I'll prolly be a little busy the next few days, but I may have some Wormy-related news for you this weekend.

Wormy 95% 7.September.2001

Beta version 0.95 was sent to some beta-testers. Major changes:

  • Drawings of Wormies on main/gameover screens.
  • Race mode has been completed. All modes are done now.
  • Timematch exits automagically when somebody has clearly won.
  • Multiplayer levels can have names.

I also wrote most of the readme :P All that's left is linkplay (that's 4%) and a few more levels and bugfixes.

More Wormy 8.September.2001

Numerous changes to the Wormy Editor. On request, I've added mouse support. And whether I like it or not, I have to admit it's a lot easier to use now. It also runs under Linux (DosEmu now, and even on an 486, despite my efforts to make it as slow as I could ;)
Furthermore, level files can have descriptions (for author's name for example) and they can be selected from multiple pages (ie you can have more than seven levelfiles on your calc at a time.)

Happy Billenium 9.September.2001

Very likely the billenium Wormy will be released in! Several improvements in Wormy/WormEdit today, most of which bugfixes. Also, my faith in linkplay has been somewhat restored. Don't expect ZTetris quality, but it might actually work.

Update 21.September.2001

First of all my condolences to America. No long stories here (most of us prolly have the same feelings about this event..) I'll just get on with my calculator stuff.
For the people who keep bugging me with stupid questions (yeah, schools have started again), I've made a screenshotted Walkthrough about how to upload programs to your calculator. Some other pages updated as well (including the Wormy page which now has a version history), more reviews (as you can see above) and Wormy updates (nothing really worth mentioning iirc.)

Hit 50000 Times 23.September.2001

The counter says 50437, so I found my excuse to post some news. May not seem like too much (still about 20000 requests a day!) compared to, but I'm getting more visitors every day. At this rate, I'll be more popular in half a year or so ;)
And from now on, you can view the hits in my archives. Presenting: the top downloads page.

Boring Shit 29.September.2001

Here's some stuff nobody really wants to know, but i'm gonna tell you anyways :P

  • For those of you who didn't see it yet: I'm trying to help Aaron with his great new ray-game. His latest version WIP9 already contains a few of my lame graphics =)
  • I'm trying to learn dvorak, so don't expect huge amounts of text from me (at least, for now...)
  • Haxorred my modem: no pptp for me, muhaha!
  • Mensen bekend met het bonki-fenomeen moeten ff mijn nieuwe projectje bekijken :))
  • I thought i had more to tell you... well, n/m. Oh, I'll be installing XP tomorrow. Like i said, nothing you wanted to know. Well I don't care. Seeya.