March 2001 news

Wormy Rules 5.March.2001

Although I still don't have much spare time, Wormy's progressing quite nicely. Keys are now completely customizable (you can set controls to anything except mode and exit.) Also I've done quite some programming on the Wormy level editor. I'm quite satisfied with it now (ready to make some kickass levels ;)!

Shiar aged 6575 6.March.2001

Wewwew! I've reached the wonderful age of 6575 (that's about 18 years; and... my god: 157812 hours?! Coolz! -- thanks to my 86 for helping me a bit here) Happy happy happy! Joy joy joy! I can finally get my driver's license; not that I want to, but I could.. Oh and now I get paid more at work :P

Wormy's World 9.March.2001

I've started making Wormy's first levelfile: Wormy's World. While making levels I'm constantly making slight alterations to Wormy and especially the editor itself (the thing's just getting better and better.) Right now I've completed 11 singleplayer levels, ranging from easy to quite hard. And my god is this game getting cool! :P More info in one or two days.

Screenies Gallery 11.March.2001

The PUDs section at Mikes Ti-86 homepage now contains 12 animated screenshots of the latest Wormy beta i gave him. So if you want to see how it looks, or how well he plays it check it out. (Update 13.march: sorry, forgot to upload this post)

Time==Good 25.March.2001

Sorry for being away for so long, but I've been busy at school lately. But this weekend I finally got some spare time again. So I did some Wormy programming: redid the levelfile selection thingy. It's much better now; smaller, prettier, easier to use, etc. Also made some smaller changes to Wormy and the level editor. For those of you wondering, Wormy's now 5500 bytes, and I don't think it'll get very much bigger. Still have to finish CTF and link, as well as add some internal levels, so I estimate it'll be about 6kB when done.

Wormy's latest Updates 28.March.2001

Made some progress again. I perfectized (nice word ;) the main menu. Don't think I can make it any better :-) The last annoyance I could think of - the starting level resetting to 1 after making changes - removed (took more effort than you may think.)
Furthermore I've had an inspiration on making linkplay work again, and it seems to work on Vti. But since real 86es are quite different from emus on this matter, I'll have to test this on two real calcs first before I can tell whether it works or not...

New Host soon (I hope) 31.March.2001

It shouldn't take too long now before my entire site moves to (not just a redirect page) under a new host. For a small price (yes, I'll actually be paying for it) I hope to have reliable hosting w/o worrying 'bout my data traffic. I'll also be using PHP, which means much easier maintenance (I'm already busy writing some scripts.) Once this site has moved, you'll be seeing more updates and changes. Let's just hope the transfer doesn't take too long (or works at all, for I don't have too much faith in my current host; I'll be glad once i'm outta there.)