December 2001 news

Blah 2.December.2001

Yeah I kinda like these <Unordered List> thingies ;)

  • U63r1337 SHIAR.NET regged. Don't go there, this site and stuff is and will be at
  • Altough it does look _so_ cool, I think it's about time to get rid of the old thanksgiving logo. Till next year.. ;)
  • Old box (Celeron 733 | 128M) back up after being broken for 134 days. Page a little updated too.
  • Links updated too. Wow.
Forgot to mention 14.December.2001

New survey! The previous one closed with 91 votes, with over 80% saying it's about f'n time for me to start thinking of new suveys. It's just that I usually don't have that much inspiration. But I've thought of something now, so take the poll if you still haven't done that by now.   And btw, while this news item kinda sucks, I may actually have something a little more interesting to say tomorrow ;)

Wormy 96% 15.December.2001

Not done, but getting closer (still can't promise any release date). Several hours of coding led to the following improvements:

  • Levelfile descriptions and ability to hold > 7 files
  • Wormy showing off new pause menu Linkplay works at last!
  • Long worms (grown over 255 pixels large) no longer get shorter after death.
  • More pops up the new pause menu instead of turning off the calc. It allows changing contrast or turning off. Tnx to willyslice for the idea. (Amazing screeny >>>)
  • Many bugs fixed, stuff optimized (init procedure over 200 bytes smaller) and WormEdit enhancements (rude mouse support for example.)
WormEdit 0.5 19.December.2001

I really can't make a single level for Wormy without altering the level editor in some way. I've attempted to make a few, so several bugs have been fixed, and the mouse support has improved a lot. The editor still sucks of course (and it should :P) but it's less unusable. I just hope lotsa people will be making levels (at least Aaron's making his Wormage, woohohoo :))

Little Spare Time 23.December.2001

Happy holidays! Quite some updates to this site, most significantly: the winter logo is back (w00h00), updated the lame page about me and the happy page (McBlink and Microsoft stuff are now on seperate pages), and I created a Linux page.

Last but not least 31.December.2001

Last updates of this year. A newyear logo, and a lot of stuff for TI assembly programmers:

  • The large TI-83 and 85 character maps have also been included on the Main TICalc page.
  • Some tips on optimizing z80 for beginning programmers, on this new page.
  • Another new page with a collection of TI-85/86 FindPixels. Could be very useful indeed.