January 2000 news

Hits for december 1999 2.January.2000

visitors per day for december '99

The number of visitors per day to this page for the last month, thanks to stats4all. Exactly 100 hits total. It ain't much, but the graph looks cool ;)

Page news 5.January.2000

As you may have noticed, a random (funny) quote is displayed at the top of the main page. Made (/stolen) 25 different quotes! Tip: press refresh/reload to see another one and give me some more hits ;)

Besides that, I've fixed the counter so it counts users without Javascript (or disabled) again. I was so stupid to alter the counter-code so it didn't :( so it missed a lot of users (on both counters) last month (a few actually).

Worm screenshot 8.January.2000

Made a few improvements but nothing very spectacular. Yesterday I played Worm 2-player with a friend. We tested deathmatch and foodmatch and it worked. And here's a cool (animated again =) screenshot too.

Now these are the game-types I still have/want to make: CTF (Take enemy flag and bring it to your own flag), Domination (take and hold control points), Race (first worm finishing x laps wins) and Hunting (catch other worm).

Z80 instruction set 9.January.2000

Just finished version c of my z80 instruction set summary and it's so handy I thought I better put it online ;) It's a text document listing the z80-instructions, with their op-codes, size, clocks (time) and flag changes! I know there are more files like this available (in fact I used them to create this one :P) but none of them are so complete as this one.

In this new version I've even added some undocumented instructions, like sll, in (c), out (c),0, and all instructions involving the hx, hl, lx and ly registers. They work just fine on my TI and can be quite useful.

Worm news 10.January.2000

Bringing you the latest worm-improvements:

  • Worms no longer decrease one pixel in size when they die, making them very short after ten deaths or so..
  • Status-bar (top of screen) displays multiplayer info as well: in foodmatch games it displays the scores for all worms (even in 4-player games). In other games, the remaining number of lives are displayed for all worms.
  • When you die you lose 10 points, the same you gain when you take a food. This is because without score decrease you could just hit a wall when you saw the other player almost reaching a food.
  • Begin-size of worms is map-dependent.
  • No food in deathmatch games.
  • Bugs fixed, new bugs made ;)
Where am I? 19.January.2000

The past few days I haven't programmed too much. This will probably stay like this for some weeks, because I'm trying to spend a bit more time at schoolwork, and abit less at computers... This doesn't mean I won't be working on Worm anymore; just less. Also, I'll only be online on friday and in weekends :( sorry 'bout that. (I will finish Worm!)

Worm news 22.January.2000

Worm-levels can now contain boxes too. This way the levels can be made much cooler. Take a look at this shot:

Furthermore, I remade the singleplayer score-bar (top of the screen). It now shows the level, # peas left, score, and lives left:

So how's Nemesis 31.January.2000

Last year, before I started working on Worm, I released a beta of Nemesis. This version was just a preview of the real game, because it had just a few levels and enemies. Now I looked for Nemesis at the largest TI86 sites:

Ticalc.org: News item in october '99 with animated screenshot: Shiar has released an update to his great game for the 86 called Nemesis v0.94 Beta (...) It features powerups and rather fast gameplay, and I'm already addicted ;)

Currently ranked as 393 on the ticalc all-time top downloads list with 4252 downloads, and still being downloaded about 100 times a week!! (not counting other sites, just ticalc.org!)

Dimension TI description: A VERY good game where you are a ship and you have to fly around and kill enemie ships. You can choose black on white or white on black. The white on black looks like you're really going through space!

CalcCity: Nemesis v0.94 beta review: 85% A good game, if a bit buggy

(no text or description found at TI-Files). Also got a lot of emails and ICQ messages. I'm sure I'll finish this game as soon as I'm done with Worm!