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ZTetris v1.1 (11'99) Ion, Ion86 by Jimmy MÃ¥rdell port Ahmed El-Helw; 3.3kB

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The same ZTetris as on all TI-calcs, ported from ti82 (which is ported from ti85 ;). Perfect singleplayer, or multiplayer against any other ZTetris version (like ti86: tested ok). The only bug I know of is that linkplay doesn't work between TI-83es ROM v1.10 vs 1.1001 =( hi pause 2p



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Rachel posted 2005-03-23 09:33
How do I get the program Tetris onto my TI 83...My computer doesn't recongize the format of the program and I do not have a there any place I can manually punch in the code?
Michi posted 2004-10-29 20:24
my record is 46 607. what's yours?