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Ion86 v0.1ß (2'00) by Clem Vasseur; 2.2kB

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Emulates TI-83 ion programs! There ain't much good ion-games around, but it's a pretty new shell so more may come soon (some RPGs?). Sometimes it's abit hard to see where the screen ends, and not every game worx yet (most do).



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Luigi posted 2005-06-15 06:26
How do you transfer 83 Archives to Ti86 calculator. I 'm using TIconect to make my transfers and i can't tranfers a Ti 83 archieve to my Ti 86.
AC posted 2003-04-21 02:48
ya i know i was wondering about that 2 with 85 games but then i realized u can just rename the file
like if its tetris.83p or other calc i think u can just change the 83 to 86 then ur linking software will reconize it, that worked for me with 85 games

and ya u probably figured it out by now it been more than a yr since u asked....
adim _cb20 posted 2002-01-12 06:16
ok i like the idea of this ion86 emulator but how to you get it to work, how do you transfer 83 games to an 86.