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Ion v1.6 (6'00) by Joe Wingbermuehle; 1.4kB

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Ion is a great shell for both the 83 and 83+, to run assembly programs. It's got a program format incompatible with the older AShell/SOS shells, but by now most programs have been ported to Ion, and most new games are also just for Ion. (The TI-86 can also run several Ion progs with the Ion86 emulator.) The standard Ion is rather dull, but because of the module support, you can add the features you want (password protection and maps for example.) One disadvantage is you'll have to install Ion first; a very easy procedure, but you'll have to keep it in mind if you want to copy the shell to another calculator. Besides that it's a great shell.



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jared posted 2005-03-23 06:34
PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW TO RUN THE ION PROGRAM!!!!! i downloaded it but i cant figure out what to do with it. thanks alot jared
Chris Eash posted 2004-09-08 03:31
nvm click the url not my name lol. hey if anyone has alot of games and has the time to send me them i would really apresiate it. i got a Ti 83+
Chris Eash posted 2004-09-08 03:30
Hey if u guys think ion is good u need to get MirageOS. just click my name to download it. It can do everything Ion can + more. You can even block people from getting in with a password.
AC posted 2004-05-05 16:56
ok so i got some sort of virus from tetris or something because i can't do anything complex on my calc...i can't even graph a sine wave, does anybody know wtf to do

RE: Go to memory and say "Reset Defaults".
kirk posted 2004-04-15 05:27
ok so i got some sort of virus from tetris or something because i can't do anything complex on my calc...i can't even graph a sine wave, does anybody know wtf to do
Ben posted 2002-09-11 06:33
Hey I have a problem... My Graphlink for my Ti-83 plus only lets me tranfer .8xp or .8xi files. It doesn't recognize .8xg like Ion is. If I change the file name of it to 8xp, it says "Garbage Collecting..." on my calc. screen. Is it supposed to be 8xg or do I maybe have a virus or something? please e-mail me if you have any info on this
someone posted 2002-09-11 01:43
whenever i run ion instead of everything being straight it goes diagonal and pieces of words are in different places. i don't know why it is doing this because on all of my ion games it does this, so i know it isn't a specific game. i want to put other games on my calculator other than nibbles but ion won't work. please help!!!
Me posted 2002-08-27 17:31
I can't open the ion file with the program Graphlink on my computer to copy it to my TI 83 +. Please help me (mail me). I speak Dutch, But English is as good.
AC posted 2002-07-19 15:01
can figure it out..... how do you run the program? i go to prgm and then the A and select it and hit enter.... and it just says done... thats it for me :/
brian posted 2001-11-12 23:11
Sorry, my email address is  No e-mail bombing, or junk mail please
brian posted 2001-11-12 23:10
Ion sucks compared to ICE.  stands for something like ion compatible _____.  But e-mail me if you'd like it. It has folders!  It is smaller, consists of 34 bytes after installing!  Can run on all ion games!  It's great.  Many more options too.
Catcher80 posted 2001-09-21 06:41
Yeah hey, I like Ion the best because, and I don't think most people realize this, but in the TI83 version of it (don't know about the rest because I only have a TI83 and Ti83+) you can Archive the game (ex. ZTetris) and run the Ion ('A' program) and still be able to play tetris, even though it's archived.  Isn't that cool? You can have 20 games on your calc and be able to play them without having to unarchive them.  What a cool thing.  My thanks to the author.