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Block Dude v1.0 (10'99) by Brandon Sterner; 3.8kB

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A nice puzzle game. Get your guy to the exit (door). You can climb up just one block, so to get higher, you have to use the boxes lieing around. Levels get really hard!! This may cause severe mental and calculator damage. One note: it drains your batteries - it lacks halts - which is terrible for a puzzle-game. pause



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ray posted 2004-12-01 22:00
I'm new my calc. is showing 07 syntax error
Matthew posted 2003-08-20 04:22
level 5 is easy..wait till you get to where it has floating blocks...anyway, dont even bother with the game, 0 replay value and the levels get to hard and the way it drains your batteries there are ALOT of better games out there, namely ALL THE OTHERS
AC posted 2002-11-25 18:33
how do i beat level 5