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Alien v1.2 (8'97) Ash, YAS by Andrew von Dollen; 1.0kB

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Destroy the aliens. You can fire one shot at a time, and enemies can take more hits each level. Not that entertaining a game, but it makes sound! Not that you want to play it because of that, but still... pause


Alpha-10 v1.00 (12'98) CrASH, YAS by Jeremy Wazny; 10.7kB

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A fast vertically scrolling shoot-em-up. Enemies appearing from above and below (damn!) Quite cool game, although a little too hard for me. Trying to evade one vessel, I run right through four others, and with them shooting in level 2 it's, um... challenging. Just no high score, but all hardcore shmuppers should try this! Note: works on an 86 in YAS, but runs way too fast, and it crashes when you enable the delay :( pause


Ball Race v1.2 (4'01) CrASH, YAS by Joel LeCrux; 3.6kB

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Move and jump your ball from plane to plane,. Like Plain Jump for the 86. This version has got better controls though (you can accelerate/decelerate) and graphics are better too: real 3-D with changing viewpoint if you move. Large level, which you can edit at startup (but not save). No external levels unfortunately, and it doesn't record your time either. With these features added, this game would rule all!


Bubble Bobble v0.630 (6'01) CrASH, YAS by Dwedit; 11.8kB

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One big huzzah for Bubble Bobble! This great game has finally been written for ticalcs. Although still under construction, it's very playable. Over 40 levels, several enemies, pickups (food, letters, and some upgrades and special effects.) It's also got save-n-quit, just no hiscore... yet. Certainly worth a try, and hope it'll get even better.
Unlike the 83-version, this one will work on an 86 (YAS emulated), not entirely correctly (text not displayed correctly.) pause


Lines v1.0 (4'01) CrASH, YAS by Jon Snyder; 2.2kB

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Move tiles to form a line of five tiles or more which makes them disappear. Otherwise three more tiles appear. It's got hiscore, and save+quit key. Maybe it could use different difficulties, but otherwise it's a very good game. hi pause


Marin The Movie v1.2 (3'98) CrASH, YAS by Stefan Lennartsson port Craig Slusher; 1.7kB

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Blah blah. Drop your man from the helicopter onto the moving truck at the bottom, like StuntCopter for the 86. If you succeed, you play again. If you fail, you're game over and have to press clear before you play again. Graphics suck, game sucks.


Mine Seeker v1.0 (12'97) CrASH, YAS by CrashMan; 1.6kB

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A nice port of Windows' Minesweeper. Three difficulty levels, good graphics and a timer (best times are not saved though): It's got a smooth mouse pointer, which imo doesn't work here: you can make a wrong click easier, and it plays slower (Demineur's controls are better.)


Raptor v1.2 (8'98) CrASH, YAS by Bob the Cat; 4.3kB

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A shmup not quite like the original Raptor. Just enemies coming down way too fast. Your gun is stupid, and your ship moves too slowly. If you like real fast action games, try it; but I didn't like it.


Running The Halls (6'98) CrASH by Mark May; 0.6kB

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Evade the incoming skullthingies. Like Avalanch, just upside down. Can be played at eight different speeds, each with its own hiscore. All good, except the controls are quite irresponsive which doesn't play well. hi pause


Urane v1.10 (10'00) CrASH by Eric Piel; 0.3kB

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Move your Y to eat the *s without getting hit by θs. Does that sound like fun or what. Speed increases from time to time, too. However, it looks like crap, and doesn't run smoothly: just like a basic game. It's extremely small, but I don't like it. hi pause


Weave v1.4 (8'97) Ash by Tim FitzRandolph; 2.0kB

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This must be some kind of a joke... At first you're evading some lines like in the average game; then the lines disappear and something just kills you. Well no need to go out and try it. You might wanna take a look at the source though: this is an example of how not to code; terrible!