My official nick used at all times.
History: I think it was like 1996. For the first time I played the game Diablo over the internet at my friend's computer. He told me I should have a nickname, so I quickly thought of Tal Shiar (don't ask me why; maybe cuz he called himself DaTa?) The Tal Shiar is the secret intelligence of the Romulans, an alien race in Star Trek. I liked the sound of it, but too long to call me by, so I shortened it to Shiar. Later on, I kept using it; and at a certain point I also began to use it in the programs I made. I'm no longer a Star Trek fan, but I guess it's too late to change it now. I still like it however. It's also quite an unique name; just a very few online-people use it, unlike nearly every other name you can think of (like Mischa).
Pronounciation: IPA /ʂiˈɐɹ/ It's pronounced like She are. Not like Shy-ar, not like She are, and definitely not like Shair.
Used by some people who can't say Shiar properly.
Mischa (Миша Пославский)
My official name-thing in real life. Born with it; not too bad but I like Shiar better. My criminal name (used at times at AH) is Mischa P. The whole thing is Mischa Poslawsky, but I don't expect anybody to say that right (see below ;)
At the Albert Heijn someone once called me Pavlov (I'll listen to anything beginning with a P.) Since it's easier to say than Poslawsky, I'm still called this quite often.
One of the more creative attempts to pronounce my family name. Coincidentally, some hotel in Amsterdam.
Zwartkijker [zwortkiker]
Literally blackviewer. The story behind it is that I once turned off a monitor, and since then blamed for every monitor which didn't work.