July 2001 news

New Archives!! (beta) 1.July.2001

I've decided to open my new archives before they're completely finished. The big surprise will be a little smaller, but I just have to show you. Rightnow everything from the old archives has been converted, except for the second page of the 86 archives. Most stuff works, but I'm still working on author details (email and webpage) and voting/comments. I'll probably have everything done by next week, but from now on you can actually see it ;) Enjoy!

Archives Less Beta 4.July.2001

Large part of the 86 games reviews have been converted to the new archives (so far there's 157 programs inthere now :)) I did some work on the commenting (you can post already ;) and authors' emails. Gonna finish them tomorrow prolly, and start implementing voting. Plz continue to tell me how coolez the archives are ;)

Done. 5.July.2001

All archives have been converted. I also added voting and fixed downloading. Kinda seems to work, too. I'll do some perfectizing tomorrow. Maybe even add some new reviews ;))
Btw some power failure earlier causing the first downtime ('bout half an hour) of new shiar.org. Bluh =(

New Archives stuff 6.July.2001

The old archives have now completely been replaced by the new ones. The ticalc pages have been slightly altered (archives on a seperate page). And I've added my first new reviews since nearly half a year. The front page will show you (on the left) the ten latest additions to the archives (Without me having to worry about it ;)

Continued 7.July.2001

More archive updates: I've added some more search features (for example you can now search on author, or multiplayer games, or just the ones that include their source.) Also the latest additions are now shown at the bottom of my main page (with a little more details.) I'll slowly be adding more games the next few days.

New Survey 12.July.2001

A new survey. Finally. A few problems with the last poll, prolly explaining why there's just 52 votes (Most ppl voted multiplayer - or everything - btw). I'll make a previous polls page sometime soon. For the new one I wrote a new survey program myself which will display the results on the same page after voting. That is, if everything works correctly. Please go ahead and beta-test it ;) Ehm I mean, please vote!

Crash, Burn and Die! 16.July.2001

Well, without the burn, but my computer finally died. It's been acting weird for some months, but yesterday it stopped working for good. I confirmed it's just the processor that's broken, so if I ever find a cheap slot-1 cpu it'll live again. But I was planning to buy a (more or less) complete PC this week, so it ain't all that bad. It's just that I have to work on just this old 486 for a few days... well i'll survive (don't expect any work on the archives or Wormy though: no emulator.)

Back to Life 19.July.2001

Still writing on my trusty 486; but I've bought most stuff for my new PC. Tomorrow I'll buy my mainboard and heater, and it'll come to life (hopefully)......... :)

Up and Running 22.July.2001
aari    down   7+10:53
khufu     up      8:30,  0 users,  load 1.00, 1.00, 1.00

After using just my 486 for a week I'm so glad my new PC works :)) It's got an Asus A7V133 with a Duron 850 (for now) and 256MB, and a total of 85GB disk space =) And it can emulate Wormy at over 4000% of normal TI-86 speed in VTI ;)

Some Improvements 31.July.2001

I've updated a couple of pages. At the bottom of the archives page, there's some more statistics (like the largest/smallest programs, average rating, etc. If you have other ideas plz tell me.) I've also reincarnated the author overview page (much better with my new archives: authors are now sorted on goodness ;)