May 2001 news

Wormy 94% 1.May.2001

Yup, it's up another version. This is because I just fixed CTF; I think it's now working perfectly. Version .94 does have more new features though, most of 'em were never even on my to-do list. Let me summarize the most important changes since v93:

  • Controls are fully customizable
  • New level selection screen, main menu and game over screen
  • Auto-growth feature
  • Options menu to change settings of multiplayer games
  • Winner indicator in multiplayer games
  • Saves names with hiscores!
  • CTF working correctly!!
  • ...and zillions of bugfixes of course

You see it's actually a major update. The remaining 6% (until the major 1.0 release) will be: getting race and linkplay fixed, and making more levels. Unless I got more brilliant ideas of course :P

Poll closed 7.May.2001

Whoa! Finally, I've put up a new survey! Please vote (left.) Also if you have a good idea for a future poll, tell me. Here's the results for the previous one: (As I expected, quite some 83-owners. Note I'll do more reviews when my site's transferred...)

I've got a.... (125 votes)
TI-86 v1.2 barbar 8 (6%)
TI-86 v1.3 barbar 5 (4%)
TI-86 v1.4 barbar 7 (5%)
TI-86 v1.5 barbar 2 (1%)
TI-86 v1.6 barbar 28 (22%)
Some TI-86 barbar 22 (17%)
A TI-83 barbar 38 (30%)
Other/None barbar 15 (12%)
Just sum News to keep u happy 11.May.2001

'Kay, found some time to answer all of them emails i got last week(s) (when i was too busy to reply.) And even did some programming. Nothing special, just the level editor now uses new storage format v.95 :-) That and a couple of bugs fixed.

Linux+TI86 13.May.2001

Got tilp working! TILP is a program to transfer files to yer calc. Like TI's GraphLink(tm) software; tilp however is unofficial, open-source and also available for Linux! I'll write a page about this later (prolly after my site's transferred, which could take a while ):

Blub 24.May.2001

For those of you wondering: I'm still alive. I've spent the little free time that I had working on an IRC bot, not Wormy. Maybe I'll do something again one of these days. As for my site, there'll be nearly no updates (ie new reviews) 'til it's transferred (which is taking ages unfortunately, but I can't do anything about it):