October 2000 news

Work dammet Work! 5.October.2000

Windows was acting up again (modem didn't work, slow, etc) and you know there's only one cure: DELTREE C:\WINDOWS. Took a while but it worx again... for now...

"I'll be back" 7.October.2000

Going to Rome for nearly two weeks =P. You're probably thinkin stop having a life and finish Nemesis. Well too bad. Seeya.

I am back 21.October.2000

Roma 2000 ruled! Too bad it's over. Well good for u, cuz now I can continue workin on Nemesis. That is as soon as I'm fully rested and all.

Nemesis Screeny 22.October.2000

Latest Nemesis screeny 22.X.00 Time for another screeny to remember what it looked like again :-) A new feature you can see is that when you hit an enemy with your laser you can see its shields (yes the white thingy; It does look cool when you're playing.)

Site Stuff

☺ I found out this site looks terrible under Netscape 4. It just doesn't read the CSS file correctly, if anybody can help please mail me.
☺ While I was gone, I got my 5000th visitor. Woohoo!
☺ I made a temporary halloween logo (Well it's just a bit darker than normal ;·)

Sprites Wanted! 25.October.2000

I could use some help here. I've run out of inspiration for Nemesis enemies. Anybody with hidden sprite talents please help me! I need enemies/bosses sized 1x1 to 16x56 B/W. Send me anything you come up with!

New poll 27.October.2000

Everybody take the new poll (on the left). Now! This poll's no longer managed by PollNow but it's a cgi script by A. Schnyder which I can make how I want.

Here's the results of the previous poll, why are you visiting this site?:

Nemesis:  63.4%  (26)
Worm:  48.8%  (20)
Reviews:  14.6%  (6)
Other:  12.2%  (5)
Total votes: 41
MsIE 5.5

This page was displayed with a wrong font under Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5. This was easily corrected and my homepage now appears correctly on any IE 5+. IE 4 ain't too bad either (could be better though). Netscape 4.5 still looks like crap! =(

CGI Counter 28.October.2000

Alright; now I've even got my own cgi counter. I know it sounds really non-interesting for you, but it's kind of a personal victory. Anyways, if it works, I'll continue programming and stuff.

Poll Fixed

The poll didn't work 'cause of a small bug (thanks to Ross Palmer for reporting it!) It's fixed now so everybuddy please vote again!