I believe I've finally got all of them!! Took quite some effort (to remove the blue background for example) but here's all of Voodooextreme's McBlinks: (You may also notice that some of them are of better quality than the ones used on the ve site; who tha man?)

normal McBlink Southpark drunk McBlink The Matrix (movie) Torment Unreal Tournament The Matrix (movie) HalfLife Vampire Rune Kingpin Soldier of Fortune irish McBlink Messiah Messiah Max Payne Doom Shogun Matrix Agent Another Matrix Agent Unreal: Skaarj Diablo II: amazon Diablo II: barbarian Diablo II: paladin Diablo II: sorceress Obi-Wan some mage (Diablo?) Quake III: Visor Quake III: another Visor Ultima Star Wars Star Wars Quake II Sin Star Wars: R2D2 ghost McBlink snowman McBlink Santa-McBlink camping McBlink (camper :) Alice That's 73 :P