Home sweet home

If anybody cares, this is where I live:

Earth Earth. Less spherical than in reality, but this way more of its content is visible. Also, for your convenience, the usual clouds have been removed, to leave us just land and water. Right...
It all goes downwards from here.

Btw check out this exclusive map optimized for Americans: The World according to America (cool! ;)
Europe at night Europe at night. 'nuf said (actually I can't think of anything else to say... it's just all light 'n stuff; who reads this anyways :P)
Europe closeup A little closer. Isn't this fun? (Notice it became day again :)
Noordzee source
The Netherlands Although The Netherlands is one of Europe's smaller countries - 16,034 square miles loaded with 15 million people - it played an important role in the history of the continent. Although it's no longer a colonial power, it still plays a significant role in European affairs. Its location makes it a major gateway to Europe for sea, land and air traffic.
Zuid-Holland, the province I live in A closer look: the province Zuid-Holland. Once again I marked where I live; that's in the city of Leiderdorp which lies next to the big city Leiden.
Somewhere around Leiden Hehee, look at the colors :)) The purple stuff is, like, cities and stuff. The blue stuff is kinda wet, so yeah, I'm living next to a river (the Rijn (or Rhein, Rhine or Rhin)).
Leiderdorp This is a very pretty picture. Very close, you can see my own house right overthere! Leiden's just across the river (the Rijn).
Kerkwijk (todo) blah.
My Houze Mkay, my house partying or something ;) My room is on the aft side though, so you can't even see it.
Room - left side Probably the closest you're gonna get to where I'm "living". This is in my room, where I usually am. My bed is to the right (couldn't fit my entire room in a picture, so I just took the best part.)